【Fortune Turns The Wheel】Silent & Comfortable Driving Experience - ComfortContact 6
March 04, 2021

Harmonic Comfort Chambers

Unpleasant noise frequencies are getting cancelled out by the air waves going in and out of the Harmonic Comfort Chamber which is based on the “Helmholtz resonator”. Instead of a harsh noise a more pleasant sound to the human ear is generated. The chambers which are positioned on the inner shoulder of the tyre pattern, prevent noise emission towards the passengers in the car.

0 dB-Eater

Specially designed unique pattern elements are designed to break up the noise waves into smaller waves, which reduces the sound-level measured in the unit of decibel (dB).

Whisper Compound

The polymers of the CC6 compound feature special softeners that adapt better to the roughness of the road surface. The microscopic holes of the road are filled and reduce the amount of vibration for less tyre noise.

The compound also features a flexibility that supports the damping effect between the tyre and the road for improved driver comfort.

Good mileage performance is ensured through the polymers that are combined with a strong durable sulfur network that bonds the polymers in the compound structure.

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