UltraContact UC7

Driving Confidence, Redefined by Technology

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BRANDS : Continental Tyres

An all-round tire that prioritizes safety, with an emphasis on exceptional noise comfort and long drive life

  • Shorter braking distance and outstanding grip on wet slippery roads
  • Reduced noise level and smooth vibrational frequency
  • Long drive life

Confidence+ Technology represents our all-round tire technology segment to truly represent "German Engineering without Compromise". It combines the best of our compound technology and construction design, giving drivers the confidence to conquer the road in their everyday journeys.

Diamond DNA

  • Diamond Compound
  • Noise Breaker
  • Aqua Channel Advanced



Diamond Compund

Long Drive Life
The Diamond Compound provides a perfect balance between noise comfort, grip and wear resistance thanks to the optimized polymer network.


Noise Breaker 3.0

Noise Reduction
As sound waves travel through the grooves. Noise Breaker 3.0 Interrupts the waves by disrupting the homogeneity of the grooves. The sound waves are broken up and dissipated into smaller frequencies, preventing noise from building up and traveling into the cabin of the car.


Aqua Channel Advanced

Outstanding Wet Performance
As water is pushed into the Aqua Channel Advanced surface sipes, water drainage from the tread block into the longitudinal groove speeds up. This leads to improved surface contact between the rubber and road resulting in outstanding grip even on wet slippery roads.


UltraContact 7 Tyre Size

185/55R16 83V UC7

195/50R16 88V UC7

195/55R16 87V UC7

205/55R16 91V UC7

215/50R17 91W UC7

215/55R16 93V UC7

215/60R16 95V UC7

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