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German engineered longevity. Our new UltraContactâ„¢.

  • Enjoy superior mileage thanks to our brand new YellowChili compound.
  • Rely on exceptional durability with our UltraShield casing.
  • Experience superior wet performance and low noise.

  Outstanding Mileage

Robust and flexible - both qualities in one compound:

  • The compound contains a customized network for strong and highly durable polymer connections to enable higher mileage, robust performance and less abrasion.
  • The latest state of the art premium ingredients ensure increased interlocking and contact with the road surface for maximum grip and outstanding braking performance


Feature: Harmonized pattern layout

  • The UltraContact tread pattern is designed to provide low abrasion with optimised wear shape.
  • The combination of a high number of sipes and solid pattern ribs enables the right stiffness level for a well balanced pattern with enhanced stability.
  • The footprint pressure is thus evenly distributed without any significant peaks.



  Exceptional Robustness

Protective Tyre Construction

  • A long lasting compound is not the only key to a long tyre life.
  • In order to enjoy the mileage benefit, the tyre robustness needs to be enhanced as well to prevent break-downs.
  • Therefore, the tyre is equipped with a thicker and robust casing.
  • In addition, more sizes are equipped with our new Flange Rib generation in order to better protect the carcass. 


 Superior Wet Performance and Low Noise

Superior Wet Performance

Feature: Chamfer-Sipe-Concept

  • The pattern is equipped with a high amount of sipes for increased grip when braking, even on wet roads. 
  • Each sipe has its unique shape in order to enable maximum water evacuation from the footprint. 
  • In addition, they are designed with chamfers which further increase the wipe-out effect of water and ensure the road contact, the key criteria for top braking performance.


Low Noise

Feature: Noise Breakers

  • Inspired by wave breakers which reduce the intensity and smooth the waves, the noise breakers have been developed to reduce noise wave emission.
  • The refined elements interrupt the noise waves and contribute to low noise emission without compromising the water drainage. 



UltraContact Tyre Size

165/65R15 81T UC

175/60R15 81H UC

215/50R18 92W UC

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