VanContact Ultra

Made to endure. For years and years.

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BRANDS : Continental Tyres

German engineered reliability. Our new VanContact™ Ultra.

  • Benefit from superb durability and high sidewall robustness.
  • Experience low rolling resistance due to a special compound concept tailor-made for vans.
  • Enjoy excellent mileage enabled by its closed pattern design.

 Superb rolling resistance and wet performance

Tailor-made van compound concept

  • The newest generation of functionalized polymers are used to reach a high rolling resistance level.
  • Additionally selected additives make it possible to boost wet grip while keeping a high-performance level in rolling resistance and wear.
  • These features together offer a tailor-made network concept for robustness and high wear resistance.


 Excellent mileage and reduced noise

Closed pattern design

  • The new pattern design has fewer lateral grooves in the outer shoulder rib, resulting in a higher contact area with the road surface.
  • This increased contact area reduces the specific wear in the pattern.
  • Because of the closed pattern design, there is less opportunity for noise to be generated. Therefore, the tyre is creating much less pass by noise and can reach a better noise label class.

Stone stoppers

  • The stone stoppers in the grooves protect the tyre form punctures which can cause serious damage. 
  • Stones do not settle in the pattern and therefore no cuts over larger areas.


 High sidewall robustness

Robust sidewall design

  • The scuff rib extends around the entire sidewall of the tyre. Different layers of additional rubber leading to a higher durability of the sidewall protection.
  • This new block design protects the sidewall from curb stone damage, resulting in longer tyre life. 

Performance Comparison

Vanco Ultra Tyre Size

205/70R15C 106/104R VANUC

215/70R16C 108/106T VANUC

225/55R17C 109/107H VANUC

225/65R16C 112/110R  VANUC

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