ComfortContact CC7

Z.E.N for the Journey, Comfort for the Road

Categories : Tyre
BRANDS : Continental Tyres
  • Passenger car tyre designed for everyday driving all year round
  • Developed to fulfill the needs of drivers in the Asia Pacific region
  • Engineered with Comfort+ Technology for drivers who want tyres 
    that deliver a quiet, comfortable, and truly enjoyable drive.

Smoother Drive
Reduced bumpiness for superior rolling comfort

  • Unique pattern design with continuous rib structure and siping reduces shock from traditional blocks

  • Special softeners in compound adapt better to rough road surfaces

Quiet Ride
Noise reduction for harmonic sound comfort 

  • Noise Breaker 3.0 breaks up sound waves to reduce noise levels

  • Helmholtz Resonators draw in air waves and absorb noise frequencies

Long Tyre Life
Using durable and all-season compound for longer tyre life

  • Polymers are bonded within a strong sulfur network, creating a durable compound structure

  • All-season compound makes tyre suitable for use across a wider range of temperature and seasons

ComfortContact 7 Tyre Size
165/55R14 72H CC7
165/60R14 75T CC7
175/65R14 82H CC7
185/60R14 82H CC7
185/65R14 86H CC7
185/65R15 88H CC7
185/70R14 88H CC7
195/50R15 82V CC7
195/55R15 85V CC7
195/60R15 88V CC7
195/65R15 91V CC7
215/60R16 95V CC7
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