Continental Presents the NEW SportContact 7
March 07, 2022

Continental Presents the Latest Sport Tire

SportContact™ 7

  • New SportContact 7 available in stores in Q2 ,2022
  • Wide range for many sporty cars right from the start
  • New Sports Tire from Continental Starts With 42 Articles From 19 To 23 Inches
  • New tire technologies for safe driving pleasure and significantly longer service life

7th March,2022 – Hong Kong

With the SportContact 7, Continental now has a new high-performance tire suitable for sporty vehicles. A total of 42 articles will be available in sizes  19 to 23 inches, with the product line being further expanded over the course of the coming year. The new SC7 is expected to be available in stores in Q2,2022.

The new SportContact 7 is the new generation of a very tried-and-tested, popular sporty summer tire. Since its launch six years ago, it has taken first place in a number of magazine tests – including sport auto and AutoBild sportscars – and received the highest recommendations. Leading European vehicle manufacturers mount tires from the SportContact family ex works.

With the new SportContact generation, Continental offers drivers who want high performance,  very safe, handling-oriented, high-mileage tire. On the racetrack mileage is up 10 percent over the previous model, wet braking distances are reduced by eight percent, the new SportContact 7 is six percent better for dry braking, and service life is 17 percent longer. Handling and grip in both wet and dry conditions will also benefit from the latest advancements (test with tire size 245/35R 20). During development, Continental has placed value on improving all performance criteria in order to combine maximum driving pleasure with maximum safety and sustainability in the field of UUHP tires (ultra-high performance tire segment)

Sport Contact7 Technical Features

The SportContact 7from Continental makes its debut with three new tire technologies. Its adaptive tread design adjusts to dry and wet roads, with a size-specific tread pattern, offering maximum driving pleasure for every vehicle, and the BlackChili compound of the tread is precisely matched to the adhesion of the asymmetrical tread. Continental has therefore developed a sports tire that redefines the standards of tire performance and creates a high level of trust in the handling characteristics of the new flagship for passenger tires

Adaptive Pattern

With its asymmetrical, adaptive tread design, the new SportContact 7 can adapt to dry and wet roads. This ensures precision handling and control characteristics, even at higher speeds. “You can put a tire under stress if you put increased demands on it,” says Professor Burkhard Wies, Head of Research and Development for the Passenger and Light Truck Tire replacement business worldwide at Continental “In this kind of situation, the new adaptive tread provides safety and driving confidence together with very precise cornering stability in wet and dry road conditions.” This is made possible by the innovative design. While driving, the tire’s footprint ends at the point of the highest water removal in the tread to offer outstanding grip when braking, accelerating, and cornering on wet roads. When cornering on dry asphalt, the footprint shifts to the outer shoulder, which is designed to transmit the highest forces for stable handling. New “locking elements” in the outer shoulder ensure further stability, which enables only limited movement of the tread and thus offers high ride stability.


Force Clustering

Conventional sports tires react differently to different vehicle models and weights – depending on the weight, size and engine of the car. “Our new SportContact 7, is therefore the first product in the high-performance tire segment that is tailor-made for every type of vehicle,” explains Wies. Heavy vehicles require different tire solutions to light cars. So, the specifications of the SportContact 7are adapted to each vehicle class. “As a result, we have developed new technologies, even for racing, that are used depending on the tire size, so the typical driving feel of the SportContact family is retained on every vehicle. This includes a design tailored to different vehicle classes. We can also adapt the stability of the sidewall, the grip under different loads, as well as the high-speed capability, handling, and design of the carcass to every vehicle class,” he says.

Harmonized BlackChili³

The third technological building block of the new SportContact 7 is the BlackChili rubber compound, which has been precisely adapted to the tread design. This soft compound perfectly matches the very rigid, low-profiled tire design and not only enables excellent handling characteristics, but also significantly increases mileage. To achieve this, the tire engineers and chemists at Continental had to balance out various conflicting objectives. The result of this collaboration was an unusual mixing compound technology, which, together with the tread design, enables significant progress in handling characteristics.

The SportContact 7 was developed for passenger cars with sporty attributes and super  cars. The variety of vehicles is wide-ranging, including the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio as well as the RS series from Audi and sporty M series from BMW. Compact cars include the Ford Focus III RS and the Mini Cooper S Clubman. Suitable sizes are also available for the Porsche 4 S GT, various vehicles from AMG, Lamborghini and McLaren. Suitable dimensions of the SportContact 7 are also planned for high-range cars such as the Brabus S 65 Rocket 900 Coupé.

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